Our plastic sea

Sculpture during quaratine

The Quarantined Museum is a space of virtual exhibition curated by the Musée d’art de Joliette (MAJ) team. Each month that have a theme that artists can respond to. February was plastic. My sculpture created from recycled household plastic entitled Our Plastic Sea was chosen to be in the virtual exhibit.

Visit whole exhibit called Theme 21 Plastic . I’m in the company of some really cool artists.

Our plastic sea/ Notre mer en plastique
Our plastic sea/ Notre mer en plastique
Close ups of each elements of Our Plastic Sea/ February 2021

Basement Sculptures

When I found myself ranting on Facebook again, down in the basement, I decided to do some miniature sculptures instead.

Metal spider web
The hug
My thoughts on mathematics

Embrace the new decade

At the beginning of 2010, I was ending a horrible 15 month stretch at Reader’s Digest. It’s on my list of top ten terrible jobs. I started my new decade unfairly blacklisted and broke from the experience. I basically gave up writing full time and ended my corporate life because I decided to never work for a shitty multinational ever again. So far, so good. It took me a few years to recover but in 2012, I decided to return to school and study something I loved. I started 2014 back at high school studying art with people much younger and more talented to me.  Then I moved onto getting my BFA. Sometimes exhausting, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes lonely, sometimes fun, sometimes hard work – it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. Re-inventing yourself is a good way to stay connected to the wonderful things in life. As I enter this new decade, I’m still learning and looking forward to the new adventures coming. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming. It’s all good – even the shit parts.  Embrace your journey. Happy New Year.

Women Wood Steel

If you are in the Montreal area, please come and check out the sculpture exhibit I curated with fellow artist Anne Devautour. Women Wood Steel showcases sculptures done by a group of international female artists currently working in Montreal. It runs from Aug 27 until Sep 5, daily from 10 until 5 pm at Westmount Park United Church.

Watch a clip from City TV

Check out our Facebook Event for more info. Here are some photos from the exhibit.

Rabbit by Aisha Sushko

Remains of my marriage bed by Shelagh McNally

Fox by Hea R Kim

360 view of the exhibit