Embrace the new decade

At the beginning of 2010, I was ending a horrible 15 month stretch at Reader’s Digest. It’s on my list of top ten terrible jobs. I started my new decade unfairly blacklisted and broke from the experience. I basically gave up writing full time and ended my corporate life because I decided to never work for a shitty multinational ever again. So far, so good. It took me a few years to recover but in 2012, I decided to return to school and study something I loved. I started 2014 back at high school studying art with people much younger and more talented to me.  Then I moved onto getting my BFA. Sometimes exhausting, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes lonely, sometimes fun, sometimes hard work – it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. Re-inventing yourself is a good way to stay connected to the wonderful things in life. As I enter this new decade, I’m still learning and looking forward to the new adventures coming. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming. It’s all good – even the shit parts.  Embrace your journey. Happy New Year.